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We test machines for product development and product environments. We can reduce your cycle times and man-hours during end of line testing with automated equipment. We are experienced in linking our test equipment to customer databases to log results automatically and avoiding operator errors.


  • Experience in the requirements of the downhole and petrochemical industries
  • Non-magnetic test equipment for steering systems
  • High voltage DC & AC systems
  • Automation of repeated task sequences to reduce operator input

Automotive / Internal Combustion

  • Fuel systems and engine integration, CANbus
  • Integration of bespoke test cell equipment with fuel heating, pumps and task system to customer control rooms and other systems.
  • Common rail pump and injector test with debris flushing capability for field returns and re-manufacture.
  • We also have experience working with lower flash point fluids such as diesel, kerosene and skydrol.


Our larger machines are installed in container-style, test cells that are typically 2.4m high, 2.4m wide and anything up to 12m long, making them easily transportable anywhere around the world. The test cell is acoustically lined and all services are built in, so they arrive on site ready to ‘plug-and-play’. These units make a very cost effective solution to investing in fixed test cell infrastructure. Typical features include:

  • Windows & doors as required
  • Acoustic lining for soundproofing
  • Fire suppression system
  • Blast panels
  • Bunded floor
  • Multiple room – including operator room
  • Ventilation system
  • EMC suppression

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